Spatial Fabrication Studio- Project 1


Week 1

Design Workshop 1



Today in class we were introduced to the idea of sleep and wake, which is the transition between being asleep and waking up. This assessment is focused on the individuals interpretation of the idea of the threshold between the two different states.

Studio-Blind Drawings: These artworks are my blind drawings and normal drawings that I produced in the studio when I was instructed to draw my impression of sleep and wake. I had 8 minutes to complete each drawing. The drawings with my eyes closed were based on my natural movements and unconscious mind, and the drawings at the bottom of the page were inspired by thresholds and relationships.

1a) Sleep (Eyes closed), Movement (based on the unconscious)
1b) Awake (Eyes open), Opening/Closing
2a) Sleep (Eyes closed), Movement/Stasis and Light/Dark
2b) Awake (Eyes open), Horizontal/Vertical and Light/Dark

After finishing this task I was asked to comment on each work and consider 4 or 5 words that explain the artwork.

1a: chaotic, tone, scattered, clustered, staggered. 1b: compact, organic, open. 2a: chaotic, movement, volume. 2b: fluid, individual, empty.

I found this task quite challenging because I like to have of control in most things in life, so this allowed me to let go and create messy works, which I ended up enjoying. What I noticed about my drawings when my eyes were closed is that I am very heavy handed and the shading is very dark compared to the drawings with my eyes open. I think that portrays my unconscious mind is very heavy and darker than it appears.



Design Process:

I have taken photos of my bed after I had woken up, to see the shape and movement my body had left in my sheets and duvet.

I suffer from an illness called Secondary Insomnia, which is a sleep disorder that is characterised by difficulty falling asleep or/and staying awake. This causes me to struggle to fall asleep as well as constantly waking up during the night. This is caused from my mind not being able to relax or to stop thinking, as well as my phobia of the dark. This causes me to struggle to fall asleep as well as not wanting to, due to me not being able to see or know what is around me in the dark.

When I sleep I like to have my bed really messy and wrapped around me, like a nest, to try and protect me from the dark whilst I try to sleep.

  • sense of warmth
  • safety, guard around my body

These artworks are by spatial designers from the 150+ list, that I think resembles the shape and feeling that my duvet on my bed creates, by being relatively messy and weaving itself through each other.

I like the chaos and movement in Andrew Masson’s artwork I think this similar to the random marks and scribbles in my blind drawings. His works reminds me of the unconscious mind which is what I am looking at in my works, this is because of the spastic and individual lines in her work.

Even though in his works there many visible figures merged in the work, I am mainly going to work on the lines and marks that surrounding and connecting the figures. From his works I am going to use his idea of random movements through line in my artwork.

I chose to look into Tord Boontje’s work because of the beautiful movement and feeling of softness it has to it. I also am interested in the figures and shapes overlapping each other in his work, which reminds me of my sheets and duvet when I am sleeping. The use of white being the dominant colour in his works allows there to be a peaceful and calm feeling souring it, which is what I want to be an aspect to my work.

I am going to incorporate his use of weaving movement/overlapping and the minimal use of colours in my model and A2 drawing.

I have created a mood board of works that inspire my ideas. I want to use the idea of organic natural shapes due to sleeping being natural and how the body lies. I also want to have a very heavy hand while making my work, because I want to show the weight of the body whilst sleeping as well as the weight of the duvet that lies on top of me and protects me.

The main theme that I want to portray is my mind whilst trying to sleep, with there being a mess and chaos underneath. I want to have visible marks and lines in my work as well as having perfection and blending due to sleeping being peaceful and calm. I want the shapes in my work to intertwine and fold into each other, similar to my body in my duvet.

Design Workshop 2



Today in class today I started to think and discuss my A2 drawing, and decided to portray 5 main themes in my work:

  • movement
  • heavy/weight
  • open
  • tone
  • organic

I want my work to portray my relationship with sleep due to it being very different to a lot of people. I want to explore how I mainly feel whilst trying to sleep and sleeping, the fear and stress that I am constantly feeling with the environment I am sleeping in. I want to also explore how the weight of my duvet somehow shields me from my stress and helps my relax.

I want my A2 work to unfold my unconscious mind through the organic movements of my drawings, and the weight of the thoughts on my mind and the blankets surrounding me through heavy and vigorous markings.

In these works I focused on my natural movements by trying to draw organic round shapes with my eyes closed, to contact with my unconscious mind. Then I would open my eyes and alter the shapes by connecting lines and adding shading with charcoal for weight.

Fourth A2 draft

This work is a depiction of my duvet whilst I sleep, so I tried to draw the movement of the blanket being intertwined within itself. Then I went in with carol pencils to try and portray the weight that this duvet brings to me.

Final draft

This A2 drawing I tried to incorporate all of my A2 drafts into one work. I did this by closing my eyes and letting my unconscious mind roam the page by drawing organic shapes, and then connecting the marks and lines to create the shape and folds in my duvet.

I tried to have the scribble like drawings underneath to represent my mind whilst I try to sleep as well as creating the shape of my duvet created by my body, just like the lines in Andrew Masson’s artworks. I used carol and black fine liners to have the duvet look heavy and solid to portray the idea of it shielding me while I sleep. I also tried to incorporate the movement and use of overlapping like in Tord Boontje’s work, through the creases and lumps in the duvet figure.

To portray my ideas better through this drawing I am going to be making the background dark instead of empty. I will paint it black or dark grey.



This is my average schedule from the time I go to sleep and wake up.

Sleep Schedule:

9.00pm- At this time I will usually brush my teeth and get ready for bed, and I will try to relax myself by listening to music or stretching for ballet.

9.30pm- I will get into bed at this time and try to think about everything I did that day and what I will do tomorrow.

10.00pm- I will get up and get a drink of water and wash my hands twice to four times, because I like to go to sleep with clean hands.

1.30-2.00am- This is the time where I will usually calm myself fully down and fall asleep.

7.00am- Is when my first alarm goes, but I just have it to wake myself up slightly so when I have to get up at 7.30am I will be awake fully.

7.30am- This is when my second alarm will go off and I will get up and start my day. First I will see the light shining through my blinds which wakes me up, because it is so bright.

Week 2

Design Workshop 3



Today in class I was told to bring a collection of random materials from my house to create a number of different models. These materials had to relate to my A2 drawing.

With the materials I brought I was told to create 4 hand sized models.

The materials I brought were:

  • Chicken wire
  • Toothpicks
  • Wire
  • Tissue paper
  • Tinfoil pan

In these first models I am made I wasn’t really focusing on portraying anything, due to this being my first time making models I didn’t really know what to do. So I when I was making these models I thought about challenging myself and create 4 different models so I could decide on what I liked and didn’t like.

After making my models I was asked to align the models in vertical axis based on how Interior or Exterior they looked. Comparing all models together I realised that all my models were all very different to each other and all sat in different positions in the axis.

Then I had to produce 2 more models that would fill the gaps between my previous models, so when I was creating these new models I really focused on them being at the exterior side of the axis. So I tired to create models using tin foil, tissue paper and chicken wire, with these materials my aim was to condense and squish the materials so there would be no possible room for interior ideas.

Then I had to arrange the models in a vertical axis based off Light and Darkness.

Then I was told to create 2 more models, and place all the models where they align on a spectrum made of 2 axises, vertical- Light/Darkness and horizontal- Fluid/Solidity.

Looking at the chart there was a noticeable gap between dark and fluidity section. So to fix this gap I created models with chicken wire and manipulated it to have a flow and organic shape to it, so it could be fluid. Then I added further materials to the models so they could appear as dark. This then fixed the visible gap in the spectrum.

From this task I was able to figure out what aspects and features I liked best in a possible model, which is the organic flow and the materials moving and weaving through each other. I also realised what concepts I wanted to focus on which was the idea of interior, light, weight and fluidity.

I think that the organic flow and movement in my models relates to the sleep and wake threshold by portraying the idea of the bodies natural movements and thoughts/dreams during sleep. This is because of these concepts not being planned and random depending on the individual. I think that the idea of light and fluidity is something that really relates to me dreaming, due to my dreams randomly flowing and having no connection. Also having visible sparks of light weaving through my model connects to the idea of peaks of light waking me up, which relates to there being a shell and interior concept visible in my model.

I want to focus on weight in my model because I want to depict how the body naturally lies and moves in sleep which depends on where the weight of the individual is disputed throughout the body. I also what to depict the weight of my duvet that lies on top of me whilst I sleep.

Model Making



After the workshop I went home to create a larger scale model that relates to the concept models that I had just made in class, as well as my A2 drawing.

This is the first large model that I made. The materials that I used were similar to the concept models. I used chicken wire, thread, and 2 types of fabric. To make this I tried to mould the wire into a round lumpy shape that is similar to my duvet, as well as the organic round shapes that the models and drawing were.

When I made this model I tried to incorporate light and fluid themes thats why I chose to use the wire, because it has the ability for light to travel through it and bend easily. Even though my drawing that I created is very heavy and has very harsh shadows .

The idea of light and fluidity is something that I would relate to me dreaming, due to my dreams randomly flowing and having no connection. But not when I am trying to sleep, which is what I am mainly trying to depict in my drawing.

What I was trying to depict in this model is how I feel as I try to sleep as well as when I am sleeping. I used the wire to create the shape of my duvet, so thats why it is all bent and tangled, due to me making a nest with my blanket as I sleep. The use of wire also is used to portray the idea of a shield or protection to hide me from all my thoughts and fear of the dark. I twisted the fabrics and threads in the model to represent myself getting tangled in my duvet as well as representing the duvet itself.

Design Workshop 4



Today in class we brought in our larger scale models to review and get feedback from other students.

This is the model that was reviewed by the class.

The group of students that reviewed my model all really liked my model and the concept for it. I had been given feedback by one of the students that the chicken wire that I used had really big gaps in between each other which is good because it brings in a lot of light, but slightly defeats the purpose of the duvet being a shield. Also the choice of material isn’t really suited to my model. I am going to take these comments into consideration when altering my further model design.

For my new model I am going to use similar materials such as the chicken wire, but to alter the issue of the model being too open I am going wrap thin wire in-between each square to close the gap. This lets the illusion of light to still be present in my model as well as the theme of protection. This will also bring the characteristic of the scribbles in my A2 drawing into my model, representing my thoughts and stresses whilst trying to sleep.

I am still going to weave materials through my model to convey my bodies movement, but I will use thread as well as thin white ribbon. This will relate more to me sleeping due to the colour being peaceful and calm.

Further Resolving



Today I refined my model by altering all the changes that I listed from Wednesday’s class, and altered my A2 drawing further.

I bent the shape of the chicken wire to a similar shape of my duvet covers whilst I sleep. I also added a thin wire in between the squares/gaps in the chicken wire, this gave the form better shape to resemble my idea of the figure, as well as adding to the idea of the form being a sense of security. This has also created beautiful shadows in the light with all of the individual wire lines being visible.

I weaved a solid white ribbon, glitter ribbon, and a baby pink thread through the wire. I choose to use lighter materials in colour and density to weave through the wire, to create a lighter and softer feeling. I did this because I felt that the material made my model appear heavy, which after the review session I decided that I wanted my model to be lighter, like a dream. But also wanted subjects travelling through my model to show the idea of movement.

I changed the figure that I depicted in my first final draft of my A2 drawing, because this form was a better representation of how I slept and what my duvet looked like when I woke up. This allows my relationship with sleep to be more realistic and graphic. I kept the blind drawing under the form to have my thoughts flowing in my sleep recognisable.

I refined my A2 artwork by painting the background with black acrylic paint. I did this because I wanted to depict the atmosphere as well as my feelings while I try to sleep and sleeping. Since I am surrounded by darkness I wanted to convey that through my work. This harsh colour now makes my work appear darker and gloomier, which creates a sense of fear and frustration, which is usually how I feel when trying to fall a sleep.

100 Word Abstract



Today I wrote about my A2 drawing and model and explained what I had created and how it works through the dream state.

100 Word Abstract draft:

The A2 drawing that I have created is a depiction of feeling and surroundings I am faced with when I am sleeping or falling asleep/waking up. I suffer from an illness called Secondary Insomnia, which is a sleep disorder that is characterised by difficulty falling asleep or/and staying awake. This causes me to struggle to fall asleep as well as constantly waking up during the night. This is what inspired my artworks as well as my fear of the dark.

In my A2 work there are visible scribbles and lines under the duvet figure I have drawn, these marks represent my unconscious mind during the night. Since I suffer from Insomnia my mind is constantly working and thinking non stop, with my mind just running through every thought or possible issue. When I drew these marks I had my eyes shut to let my mind and body express any stress or thoughts. I tried to draw round and organic shapes to portray the natural movements during my sleep. These marks were random and unpredictable, just like my thoughts dreams, and movements during my sleeping state.

The choice of the dark background represents the atmosphere I am placed in whilst trying to relax and/or sleep. When I sleep I twist and tangle myself in my duvet and sheets to try and protect me from the darkness. So when I drew my depiction of the duvet I connected the marks and lines from drawing with my eyes closed and formed blanket, I did this to show my body natural movements through sleeping. I also used a heavy hand with charcoal whilst drawing to make the duvet look heavy and solid, like a shield or protection that is covering me from fears and thoughts.

The model that I created is a depiction of the duvet figure in my drawing. I used chicken wire to create the shape of this model. I chose to use a strong and solid material, to portray the idea of my duvet being a shield whilst a sleep, protecting me. The form I created is all twisted and tangled in itself, to portray my bodies sleeping pattern during the night. I also threaded ribbons and thread through the wire, to depict the idea of thoughts and dreams constantly weaving through my body while I am sleeping, it shows that there is no pattern with my dreams and that they are random.

Photograph Presentation



Today I went through the processes of taking photos of my model for my final presentation.

When I was taking possible photos I tried to take photos of my model at eye level to create the feeling of the viewer being fully submerged in the duvet figure.

Week 3

Design Workshop 5



Today in class I went over the images that I had taken over the weekend, discussed with students and tutors what I was trying to say through this atmospheric photo, and which angle and frame expressed it.

These are the images that I produced over the weekend of my model. In these photos I was really trying to capture the shadows of the form specifically the individual wire lines, which I think I achieved. I used my beside LED light to create the shadows which has a purple tint in the bulb, this caused the light reflecting to have a pink tinge visible in the photos. This was unintentional, but I ended up liking it because it gave my model a magical and soft feeling to it, which really contrasted with my A2 drawing.

After having conversations with people around me I came up with the idea of really wanting to capture an image of the model with the camera being right under it. This will create the image of being surrounded by the metal walls, which creates the feeling to the viewer of being protected by the cover, which is what I want to portray. I also want to keep the visible pink light in my photograph, as well to keep the model feeling and appearing like a dream and floating, whilst being submerged in the blanket.

These are possible angles that I want to show in my A2 image that I came up with in class.

When I got home I had a photoshoot with my model, by setting up lights and a backdrop. To achieve the goal of having strobes of light showing through my model, I used my purple LED light, which was successful.

These were the photos that I took during my photo shoot, and I am very happy with these images.

This is my chosen image that I am going to print on A2 for my presentation. This image has the best lighting as well as detail in the wire, and portraying how I want the viewers to see and feel inside the model.

I chose this image because it best represents my idea of how my duvet makes me feel when I sleep, it gives me sense a of happiness and peace when I am sleep, which this image represents. The sparks of pink and purple light also help add to this idea and creates a state for the individuals viewing my work. This angle also creates the idea of the duvet possibly floating, being detached from the world and in a very deep sleep.

The visible materials that are travelling through the wire shows my thoughts and dreams travelling through my brain whilst I sleep, which is what I experience while I sleep.

The shadows stand out in my photograph, I used a purple/pink LED light to create the prominent and strong shadow, but also a soft and light feeling. This detail in the shadows is also an example of how real dreams and thoughts are when I am sleeping.

At the end of my model there is a bright yellow light travelling through my model. This represents to me the light peaking through my window and causing me to slowly wake up.




Today I went to the studio where I am presenting my work at 6pm and choosing the layout of my presentation.

These are my possible layout ideas:

This is my chosen layout which complements my work the best and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

I will have my drawing at the top of my layout and my image underneath to show the progression of my work, with my 100 word abstract beside my image, and my model sitting on the stool in the space. This also shows that it is easy for the viewers to look at my work without getting stuck or distracted by other works.

I also refined my 100 Word Abstract by cutting out any unnecessary sentences and having it suitable for my presentation. 

Final 100 Word Abstract:

The A2 drawing and the model I have created is a depiction of the feeling and surroundings I am faced with when I am sleeping or falling asleep/waking up. I suffer from an illness called Secondary Insomnia, which is a sleep disorder that is characterised by difficulty falling asleep or/and staying awake. This causes me to struggle to fall asleep by constantly stressing and thinking, as well as constantly waking up during the night. This is what inspired my artworks as well as my fear of the dark.

The visible random scribbles and marks under the form portray my unconscious mind during the night, due to these marks being made with my eyes closed. The choice of the dark background represents the atmosphere I am placed in whilst trying to sleep. The duvet figure being depicted is twisted and tangled to represent how I hid from the dark whilst sleeping, the form was created by connecting the lines from the blinding drawing together. I also used a heavy hand with charcoal whilst drawing to make the duvet look heavy and solid, like a shield or protection that is covering me from fears and thoughts.

The model is a depiction of the my drawing. The choice of material was used to show my duvet as a shield whilst I sleep, which is why I used chicken wire due to it being a strong and solid material. The twisted and tangled form was used to portray my bodies sleeping pattern during the night. I also threaded ribbons and thread through the wire, to depict the idea of thoughts and dreams constantly weaving through my body while I am sleeping, it shows that there is no pattern of my dreams.

Design Workshop 6



Today in class I presented my final works to my class, and discussed about my work with the class.

This is my final presentation of my work that I presented to the class. I was very happy with how my presentation looked and was very proud of it.

When I presented my work to the class I talked mainly about how the main idea that inspired my work, which was how I feel when I’m sleeping and what I am surrounded by when sleeping. I talked about the choice of figure and what my duvet represents to me, which is a protection from the dark and my thoughts. I explained how I depicted the figure with using a very heavy hand and creating organic natural shapes to portray a heavy and solid shield. I also talked about the unconscious mind and how that relates to the scribbles and the shape of the duvet in my works. I also discussed how movement is present in my works through the organic shape of the figures and the materials weaving through it, to represent my bodies movement during the night. I also talked about the processes, and other things that I wrote about in my 100 word abstract.

With my photograph I talked about how it contrasted with my A2 drawing, and that I was trying to portray how it would feel if the viewers were under the duvet. I used the pink light to create a dream light state and safety just like the duvet.

After I talked about my works the class gave me feedback and thoughts that they felt about my works. They were very interested that I tried to give a weak and floppy object structure, to give myself peace. They also really liked the contrast between the image and A2 drawing. One student thought that I had linked the connect between the model and the A2 drawing really well, mainly through the scribbles/ thoughts.

Overall I was very happy with how my presentation looked and presented. I thought that my ability to present to the class about my work could have been better, because I was very nervous and I am not very confident. I would have like to be more relaxed and talked deeper about my work, but with practise I will become better at this.

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