Spatial Fabrication Studio- Project 3


Week 8 

Design Workshop 1



Context talk: Sue Workshop: Sue
Sleeping platform Sketch design drawing + cardboard prototype

Today in class I was introduced to my final project for Spatial Fabrication Studio “Two Strangers”, for this project I am designing unconventional accommodation for strangers. So I have to use my existing gallery site (ST Pauls Gallery Three) design for project two, a space for the strangers to sleep, a transition between sleep/wake, sleeping platforms, as well as a space for the guests own necessities. For example cooking, hygiene, and sleeping. The temporary accommodation for two strangers needs to explore ideas of the threshold between sleep and wake, exterior and interior. The interior connects between these spaces conveyed in the spaces and how these ideas are portrayed and established are important to my overall design in the layout and overall experience, felt by the guests. Every detail, fabrication, material, surface, atmosphere, and structure has to be attentively thought about in the display of my work. The overall interior aesthetics and characteristic in the space- texture, colour, lighting and establishing has to be carefully carried and throughout, to depict the narrative/story’s experience.

After Sues context discussion I created sketches of possible sleeping platform designs. While creating these designs I was thinking about my thresholds and ideas from my project 1 and 2 and how I could incorporate or explore these designs in further in my platforms.

First Design

With this design, I would have the entrance to carry out throughout the space and travel up the walls. For the sleeping space the mesh would have indents or dips for the sleeping space.

Second Design

This design is similar to my first design but I would have it just along the floor instead of along the walls.

Third Design

In this design I was trying to have an idea of the sleeping area being like a dent or dip in the the ground or possibly wall, where the individuals would rest.

Fourth Design

This design has these two tunnel like shapes that twist an curve around each other and become intangled. I have the two possible sleeping platforms right on top of eachother.

Once I had sketched out all of my designs I portrayed these ideas in structural forms, I made a quick model for a possible sleeping platform out of wire and paper. I was trying to create areas that were already in my existing site like the wire tunnel would just continue.

This is a quick model that I had created inspired by my fourth drawing, I created a similar overlapping tunnel like shape. I made this quick model out of wire and then wrapped it in tissue paper, to give it this soft delicate look.

Then I decided to make a larger scale version of this model, to see how people would interact and visualise the space. I created this out of paper and tape. This model has the idea of travelling and moving through a space, and wanting to find out what is on the other side. This reminds me of my first project of my works showing ideas of my bodies movement during my sleep, this model could possibly show ideas of either travelling through the states of waking up or falling asleep, travelling through thresholds.

I like the idea of the two sleeping platforms interacting and moving between each other, this gives me ideas of vulnerability. With the choice of material, the connection between these two sleeping areas would either become very intimate or very disconnected.

Week 8




Today I worked on my ideas for my sleeping platform and finialised my design and created my 1:20 sleeping platform model for Mondays lesson.

I created a pinterest board of ideas that were similar to my project 2 ideas, and images that could insipre the exterior and the interior of my sleeping platform.

This is my final design for my sleeping platform, so the strangers will lie on top of each other whilst sleeping or relaxing the space. The tunnels will twist together to form this shape. There is movement between the strangers with feeling through the fabric if another person is moving, as well as the movement of the shape.

I really liked the idea that I came up with on Wednesday, so I decided to create of this idea, and come up with this model. I decided that I wanted the tunnel shapes to be more together so I used chicken wire to create these shapes, then twisted and pulled them together, they contorted and squished together.

I wanted to have enclosed space if I were to consider this idea for my sleeping platform, to resemble my duvet strangling me whilst I sleep, so wanted to create this barrier from the space and thoughts. I continued this theme of movement through the shapes and movements of the model, as well as the space forcing people to move and travel through to get to their desired sleeping space. With the shape of this model, I would be blocking off any outside light which means, it would be dark and quiet for sleeping. But if the individual would want more light whilst sleeping they could move closer to the entrance or exist to gain the outside light.

I am looking at the idea of my sleeping platform being accommodated for complete strangers, with my experience with strangers I would want to stay as far away possible. With having the sleeping platforms enclosed there is lack or communicate visually and verbally. But having the platforms on top of each other the individuals would be able to hear and sense the presence of another, which makes sound the dominant sense. 

Week 9

Design Workshop 2



Presentation and review of model prototype

Today in class I brought in my 1:20 model and sketches that I created over the weekends, to review and present to my table group. In my group we began to presesnt and show our work to each other, explaining our ideas and concepts in our models and designs.

With the group discussion I explained about the ideas that I have for my model, and then we discussed any possible problems or suggestions to help improve my idea. 

I talked about how I wanted to carry on this passageway structure from my project two into the sleeping platform. That I was thinking about the concept of movement with the shape of the structure as well as movement of the individuals within the space. How lighting would affect the area and the strangers staying it.


  • Multiple entrances- they connect in the main tunnel.
  • carrying on the idea from threshold- being wrapped up enclosed, comfort, protected/safe- the concept of strangers as you can’t see them but you can sense their presence.
  • Can still see outside lights (street lights).
  • Movement within the tunnels- stranger’s movement how people sleep.
  • Considering size and space. 

Feedback from group session:

  • There is a lot of space in the model.
  • Do the strangers need to be able to walk in the space, or sleeping platform.

Then my group selected my model to discuss in front of a bigger group, and these were the points that we discussed. With the group discussion, I explained about the ideas that I have for my model, and then we discussed any possible problems or suggestions to help improve my idea. 


  • Multiple entrances- they connect in the main tunnel.
  • carrying on the idea from threshold- being wrapped up enclosed, comfort, protected/safe- the concept of strangers as you can’t see them but you can sense their presence.
  • Can still see outside lights (street lights).
  • Movement within the tunnels- stranger’s movement how people sleep.
  • Considering size and space.

Feedback and considerations from presentation:

To consider what material I want have have in the model:

  • How would the strangers climb up into the sleeping area: I want to have the area lumpy like rock climbing, so they would be able to climb in the tunnel space.
  • What noise would the material make when walking around or when moving during sleep: I want to be able to hear the noise of movement faintly when someone is moving, to enforce the idea of being alone with a stranger.
  • I want to have an indent or shadow of the individual visible in the sleeping platform.

Size of the model:

  • At the moment the size of my my tunnels are the same as the intervention, which means it is almost 2m high and wide. But I think I want it to become tighter so the strangers are more enclosesed in the sleeping platform- so the feel safer. 

The idea of darkness- Not being afraid to be alone in the dark, but afraid of not being alone in the dark.

  • Since I am going to have a lack of visual and verbal communication between the two strangers I think that with the material I am going to show the idea of not being alone.
  • This brings in this strange and creepy idea of not knowing if someone is there or not.

After the presentation, we had a context talk on what else to consider in the sleeping platform and the interior space; materials. The overall detail and materiality in the construction and process of the designs into the models is very crucial in this project. I was told on all the many elements that were needed to understand and establish while figuring out our designs- this could be the colour, sound, touch, texture, surfaces, and temperature, that the guests would be faced with. The structures and the aesthetics of the structure all ready important in my design because of how it much it will affect the experience and the atmosphere in the spaces environment. Then I told about the relationship between the materials and the connection between them, so like the joints and fixings.

Week 9

Design Workshop 3



Today in class I was working on my 1:20 model that I presented one Mondays lesson. I was working on the applying and fixing the suggestions that I was given from my presesntation.

At the start of this lesson, I investigated ideas of how my sleeping platform would work with my entrance threshold because these would be three or two separate pieces. As well as exploring different materials and texture that I want in my sleeping platform. So I decided to change my entrance threshold slightly but keeping the main ideas of project 2’s tunnel conveying movement and light. I chose to create different entrances and connect them to the sleeping platform, so each individual (stranger) would have their own tunnel situation. I have kept the same height and width of just under 2 meters so there would be no struggling whilst travelling through the spaces.

During this lesson, I explained my model and my idea to Rafik, and what feedback I was given, as well as how it would work with my threshold entrance. So explained the issues with my project 2 thresholds, and how my threshold wasn’t that popular in the presentation, and how similar my sleeping platform idea is similar. So he explained that design is an opinion and that if I really loved it, then I can keep it, he also liked my idea.

Notes from discussion:

  • Liked the idea of two bodies moving and intertwining with each other, like two strangers working together.
  • I was explaining how from project 2 the crit that my tunnel wasn’t very popular by the group, and was told to open up the threshold tunnel up in some way- I was looking at having these wave-like dips that would somehow overlap each other.
  • We discussed that if I wanted I could explore my thresholds being open and closed, having it closed when necessary to the space, like the sleeping areas.
  • I could change my threshold’s entry as well to suit my sleeping platform, try to have the entries out of the public’s way.

So I could have the tunnel enter from the top of the bridge and it could lower down from there so it was out of the publics way.

After my little meeting we also discussed what I could research to help strength my ideas and model:

  • Soft architecture or fabric- for the sleeping area- Do Ho Suh
  • Frabk Gehery- ginger rodgers-models, fold and form.

Week 9




To really create this overwhelming atmosphere of retreat and movement in the gallery space, I wanted to do more recommended research into some spatial designers that could help with ideas of movement and materiality. First began to look at Frank Gehry’s amazing structures that he has produced and designed.

Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry’s work presents innovative ideas and concepts through his sculptural style and his personal vision of architecture. Gehry’s work is a combination of largely scaled sumptuous curves and humps that draw eyes towards the use movement through the structures. Frank is known for the use of materiality and the ideas and concepts that are brought on by his opinion, usually titanium or steel.

My favourite work of Gehry’s work that stood out for me with his use of materiality and fluid movement was his “Marques de Riscal”, 2006. The was Gehry’s first hotel that he completed which brought in more tourists to his country’ s region, and dramatically overwhelmed the world with his design. The use of materiality in his work was used to create colour and reflection- so Gehry could have the exterior of the building portraying the pigment and movement of the wine in the material’s texture. With hints of pink, gold, silver, and purple in the titanium reflected off the shining light to create an overpowering building. The explosions of pigments and contours creates a fluid movement through the form.

I really love Gehry’s work from the use of movement and materiality, and how he uses them in his favor. He creates twist and curves that get sucked in by each other and being to form a larger structure then planed for. I want to incorporate Gehry’s idea and technique of twisting and tangling, so I am going to try and relate this in my sleeping platform since I want that to be the main focus in the space. I am going to make the tunnels slightly larger by lengthening them, and twist them closer together like Gehry, for the structure to appear larger to the human eye.

I am also really intrigued by his use of materially in his structures. Gehry usually uses steels or titanium in his structures so he can reflective and glossy surfaces. Personally, I don’t want to use a metal that is cold and slippery in my sleeping space. Yet I want to manipulate the texture through the use of materials like he completes. He utilises his materials to create different colours, appearing lager, and creating more movement through the reflectiveness of the texture, which creates more and larger ideas than actually in the material and design of the structure itself. I am going to do this with the chose of material in my tunnels, to create a safer and relaxing private area for the strangers in my space. I think I might use a softer or smooth material to reflect ideas of sleeping like a blanket, reassure the strangers with past memories, that they are in a safe and peaceful place-similar to sleep.

Then I wanted to look at a designer that worked with soft materials in their installation or structure for help/inspiration when selecting materials. So I decided to revisit Tord Boontjie from project 2, and look into his installation called the “Fabric room”.

Boontje,T. Fabric Room.2007.Retrevied from:

Tord Boontje work was an “opportunity to experiment with architecture and try something” Boontje. Boontje explored the use of drapery fabric and how it folds itself in an organic way. He hung a large blanket in the ceiling with pointed and let it fall to make walls, so he could control the size of the room. I loved how Boontje highlights his use of materiality in this work to create his interest in the material. He created this large fort on accident; bringing ideas of this work is playful and light. I want to try and have the inside of my tunnels looking like this, with the space being framed with fabric, like being wrapped up in a duvet, creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere for the guests.

Week 10

Design Workshop 4



Unfortunately I did not get any work done this weekend or come to this lesson due to my friends passing over the weekend.

But I caught up and found out that the class had been given a context talk with how to design the rest of the space with the interior. To fulfill the layout of the space with any further necessities for the stranger’s accommodation. So they could have an eating area, bathroom, socialising space, washing area, and cooking area, so the accommodation was liveable for two-three days.

I began to look at what I needed in my space and decided that I wanted a bathroom (toilet), and a eating area- table and couch/chairs.

These are some designs that I have come up with for the bathroom and sitting area. So I stared designing round and curvy aspects, but then decided that I acutally wanted to have simple plain designs to stop attention being taken away from the tunnels.

So decided that I wanted a toilet and a sitting area in this space, and I am going to locate in both of the empty spaces at the end of both hall ways.

These are the final designs for the bathroom and sitting area, I have made these designs as minimal space and details as possible. I wanted the design for these qualities as simple and plain as possible. Because I want the focus of this space to be the tunnels instead of the other necessities. Since the public can see in through windows I want their eyes to be drawn to the tunnels instead of the other aspects.

So I designed a couch that sits along the window and wall at the front of the building under the window, with the same material as the tunnels to keep the space harmonious. I also designed a bathroom at the end of the western hallway with a toilet and a hand sink. I decided to position these aspects in these areas because it is out of the tunnels ways, and also makes the space appear as more quiet and calm. Throughout the entier design, I wanted to keep the interior space as simplistic and minimal with the features being bold and neat, to keep with the delicate and soft mood of the space.

Then I began to create the all the tiny furniture that I needed for my 1:50 model, these additional features really imporved space by making a liviable and functional environment.

Week 10

Design Workshop 5



Today in class I worked on refining my idea and story for my sleeping platform as well as who would be occuping the space. I also had a meeting with Pip to further refine my ideas.

So for my story, I was thinking of having my space being for two complete strangers, that don’t have the desire to meet new people or interact. But rather retreat and hid away from each other. I want to base this story of my experiences and with my anxiety, I struggle to communicate and be around new people, especially if I am being forced. So I want my space to be for people that want to keep to themselves and hid from each other. I want my story show movement throughout the space, to link it back to dream and wake and this tunnel being like a transition between the states of sleeping and waking.

Developing my idea- meeting:

  • This an exploration of the exterior to interior- wake to sleep, day to night, public to private.
  • Exploration of an urban environment.
  • There is a physical aspect to my threshold, of walking through and feeling and touching your way around the space.
  • The text “Into the Labyrinth” states that you may but you have own set path- which is similar to my tunnels, they can hear and feel each other through the walls, but walk change tunnels, will stick to their own passage.
  • Material- I want the material of the tunnels to leave a marking/footprint, so I was looking at a “Bambillow Pillow”, which is a product that leaves the bodies indents when the weight is removed- looking at foam- I want for imprints to be left on the interior and exterior-hand thickness.
  • To have the openings to access the void, so not having the tunnels fully closed dips and could fully cover the bottom of the the ground- the chance you could meet if you wanted to- Since I am an introvert and suffer from anxiety I would be toonervous and scared to talk or make eye contact with a stranger, so I would rather be by myself. If I ever gathered up the confidence to talk -I might consider a chance for the strangers to meet.

Developing ideas:

  • Bathroom-toliet
  • Table/couch-

For the strangers to gain access to these necessities they are going to have to leave their tunnel and walk into the space. I have to consider on how to work with this idea.

Week 10




Today I worked on how the strangers will enter the building and how the entrance would work in the space and with the sleeping platform.

I was trying to figure out the exact location of where I would have the entrance connecting to the building, and where it will connect on to the bridge for the entrance of the tunnel.

So the entrance of tunnel 1 will start along the end of the bridge and up down and connect into the building and enter into the building next to the window and ramp. I think this is the best location for the tunnel I cause it is out of the public’s way, only the strangers will know the location of the bridge to get to the tunnel. The second tunnel I will be located in the southeastern corner of the room and will be entered in for the fourier. It’s also quite and won’t bother the public’s movement.

Week 10




Today I worked on model of the art gallery and how I would building my sleeping platform.

So I wasn’t really happy with the sleeping platform that I created for my project 2, so I decided to keep the same layout, but redo it. This time when I created my model I used a thinner foam board which differently easy to cut and glue together.

So after I finished my model and I was very happy with it I started working on my sleeping platform.

So before I worked on the threshold I began to research how I would create the sleeping platform and how to use the materials. I started looking at this spatial designer called R and Sie(n)’s work called the “Mosquito Bottleneck”.

This work reminded me very much of my project 2 threshold, so I started to investigate and look at how the designer created this work.

Mosquito Bottleneck:

  • This work was created for people to escape bad weather whilst in this forest in Paris, and wait out before it was safe to travel yet.
  • It’s called the Mosquito Bottleneck because of the reaction the bugs would have to the materials used. So the structure of the building is made out of a mesh material on the inside, which was so thin that bugs can’t pass through it. Then on the outside of the building a wire structure is wrapped around the structure.
  • The bugs would fly through the wire structure try to get t the warm and people, so a bottleneck effect would happen, and then they would all travel into the structure. Then the bugs would get trapped in between the wire and the material and then die from lack of food.
  • So this material would become a shield or protection for the people inside. Similar to how my duvet is a protect for me, so I am going to have to layers in my model and make the material feel safer to me.
  • Access for light
  • Inside comfort
  • Laced with fabric
  • I could make big gaps for people to leave the tunnel
  • Instead of mesh have wire wrapped around it
  • I could have mesh or wire on the ground or over the floor so it blends in together.

So this the shape that I create for my tunnel (sleeping platform+entrance) I twisted the wire around and around and created this spiral shape and then modeled a mesh wire around the spiral. I think this looks good but I am not sure about the mesh wire, because it doesn’t feel safe or warm to me. So I think I am going to look into different soft materials to use for the inside material, I think I might also want to have an outside material as well.

I am going to keep this type of structure of a spiraling wire and then have a soft thick material between the wire. This material will become like the protection for the strangers; from their fears, worries, the dark, and initially each other.

So after this I went spotlight and looked at different types of quilting and blanket materials for the tunnel.

So when I was choosing my material I was thinking about my materiality and atmospheric research and choose a material that brought the most warmth and comfort to me. This is my chosen material which is a quilting material that is around 2cm thick and feels soft and warm- similar to my duvet. It feels more comforting and safer then the wire and I think it will be more relaxing if being submerged in this space.

This material had quite the soft touch to it- being safe and warm for guests. The fabric is also quite noisy, so if people are moving around inside the espace the other person would be able to hear where they are and locate them through sound.

So I started to make my 1:20 model, and explore how it would look with fabric instead of wire.

I then started to then measure how how wide and long I wanted the fabric, and sewed the fabric into a long tube for the inside of the tunnel.

I then threaded the fabric tunnel through the wire tunnel and then stich the fabric into place so it won’t move.

Then I repeated this step but for the outside of the tunnel.

After I had done this for both of my tunnels I began to stitch the edges at the ends of the tunnel together, so it flawless and neat.

Then I had finished creating my tunnel and placed them on top of eachother for my design.

I am really happy with my finished tunnel and it was quite hard to make, but I am pleased with the outcome.

The materiality in this model I think makes the model look aesthetically pleasing and brings my work into context more. With wanting the strangers to not meet this fabric allows that with the thickness and lack of transparency creates this wall/boundary between them. When something rubs up against the fabric noise is produced, so the strangers would be able to hear that through the walls of the tunnel. Which means that the strangers are then able to communicate through sound, without actually talking. The walls are slightly see-through as well when light is shone upon them, so during the day the closer the tunnels are to the windows or light the brighter and more lit they will be.

The tunnels sit better together with this new fabric and shape, so the will be stable just by themselves, but I am going to bolt them into the walls and floors.

Week 10




Today I began to work on my model again and create my 1:50 sleeping tunnels and figure out the exact placement of them, and took some atmsopheric shots.

So first I measured the height and width of the tunnel 1:50 scale and measured the exact spot of where the tunnel would start on the east and south side of the building. I also began to measure and figure out how long I needed to make each tunnel.

So before I sewed the fabric on the tunnel I wanted to make sure that I had the right placement and meausrement before carrying on with it. Once I was happy I began to create the fabric for the tunnels.

Then I sewed the fabric for the tunnels like for my 1:20 models, and stuck them into place.

This is my finished sleeping tunnels in my ST Pauls Gallery 3. Now I have to place the bathroom and sitting area into the space.

Materials used:

  • Plywood
  • Foam board
  • Wire
  • Chicken wire
  • Quilting fabric

Once I finished all the details of my model I began looking at different angles and shoots that would show my idea and concept best of my model. I began looking at different lighting and using different lights and anlges: natural light and spotlights.

These images show the best layout of my model.

These images show how the strangers would access the tunnels to the building.

This shows the environmental features of the space.

Theses images portray the interior of the tunnels privacy and movement.

These images show how the individuals would use the space.

Week 11

Design Workshop 6



Today I brought in my atmospheric images into class and began to look at what angles and shots I wanted to show.

In class, I began to look at what angles I wanted to show with my atmospheric photos and working on what lighting I wanted to show. I was looking at the lighting during the day and night. I wanted to show what the space would look like from the strangers point of view, as well as the strangers using the space.

These are what the tunnels would look like during the night and day.

These images show how the space would look like to the strangers.

These images show how the strangers look while exploring the space.

These are my interior view/ images

This is my final atmospheric image

This image shows my ideas and concept for this project. This image portrays the idea of being seccluded in this introverted retreat. The image shows the safe and comfortable feeling that the material gives to the strangers.

Week 11

Design Work 7



Floor Plans, Section Drawings and Elevation Drawing

Today in class I worked on my floor plans, section drawings, and elevation drawing. I am going to alter my original floor plan and redo my section plan to my new design, I am going to create a new elevation drawing from the front of the building, and show how the public will see this ST Paul Gallery from the outside.

For my floor plan, I kept my original plan from Project 2 and I drew more detail around the building and fixed the inside of the building with my new environmental features and tunnel structure connected to the bridge. I added more details about the entry with the bridge and the passage of traveling through the tunnel into the sleeping space. I kept the ideas of movement- with the structure of the tunnel and images, as well as the movement for the strangers whilst traveling through my drawings. I wanted to show how I came up with my ideas and concepts in the space.

For my section drawing, I have shown the existing building that surrounds the level my Galley space is located on. This drawing is a view from the east side looking into the building (east wall removed). This work portrays my accommodation space that the strangers will stay in for two-three days, in correlation with the site and the existing building’s other levels, for the context of the site.

With my site map, I was trying to convey the overall experience that I acknowledge whilst at the site and surrounding space, in correlation with my ideas of seclusion, light, and movement. I was looking at how the two strangers would move through the space leading them to the site and the original space in the building.

For my elevation drawing, I have shown the front view of the building seen from the other side of the road, the building appears as the existing building since I did not alter the north side of the building. I have created a detailed depiction of the form the view of the building’s exterior brings my whole story into context with the surrounding space.

I have designed a temporary accommodation for two strangers. These strangers are people who need a break and want to get away from their open city, loud noises, essentially for two strangers that just want to escape their busy lives. This is an area of introverted retreat that, for individuals who need detoxification from their lives and need to be alone.

The uses of materiality in these models create a safe and relaxing place for the individuals, to escape their lives, and place to enter into their subconscious mind and relax. The design of the isolated tunnels allow the strangers to retreat from each other but have the sense of security, that they are not alone in this space, and when they hear a noise or see something move that they know it is just the other guest.

Week 12

Design Workshop 8



Today in class I worked on my project narrative- explaining my story of my project

Concept: What is it?

I have designed a temporary accommodation for two strangers. These strangers are people who need a break and want to get away from their open city, loud noises, essentially for two strangers that just want to escape their busy lives. This is an area of introverted retreat that, for individuals who need detoxification from their lives and need to be alone.

Angle: What does it do?

The design of the accommodation space that allows a stranger to take cover from interaction with living organisms, and relax by themselves and cleanse away their worries. It has been designed to connect with the mind and senses without communication, hiding from the other guest with nervousness and awkwardness, submerged in their tunnel.

Object: Discuss examples from the Projects Design that clearly supports the claims made in your concept and angle statments.

They are able to retreat and enclose themselves in this space however the two strangers choose to. I have placed myself as one of the strangers in the space, so most of the decisions of introvert are from myself, based on my experiences with strangers. Due to the fact if I was forced to live with a stranger for two years I would prefer to enclose myself instead of getting to know the individual. Since the strangers are placed into this new foreign environment with a random stranger is very nerve-wracking and scary to be situated in, so I have created this private area inside this already private space for the individuals to retreat to. The materiality of these tunnels that are also a sleeping platform is soft and warm, similar to a duvet, which main memories about peace and relaxation to people, which will allow this sense of safety for them. Since these strangers don’t have the urge or drive to meet these stranges it would be quite awkward if they ran into each other whilst eating or going to the bathroom. So with the quilting material that, I designed the tunnels to make a relatively loud noise when being rubbed up against, which means to locate the other person the individual just has to listen or look at the indents in the others tunnel, to situate the other person.

Since the individuals have their own passage to retreat to it takes a weight off their shoulders, and reassures the stranger’s safety and peace. Each sleeping platform is connected to their tunnels/entrances, which means that the strangers have the power to select their sleeping area. But I designed for the platform to be located in the middle of the two hallways which means the stranger would be sleeping on top of each other. This brings in this uneasy feeling to the guests because when they are sleeping they don’t know where the other is located- with lack of movement. If they are sleeping in my locations, they will become in an intimate situation, where they are sleeping right next to each other with this piece of fabric either allowing privacy or intimacy.

To me, there is a sense of security of knowing that there is another person right next to you, yet you can’t visually see them, but can hear their movements and breaths. The strangers have the power to allocate themselves in their best sleeping position where the light is the brightest or in the coldest place in their tunnel, which makes feel more confident when having that strength. These two spaces becomes an escape/ protection from reality and getting lost in this dream state, moving through their thoughts within the passage. The movement of the tunnels and the movement that is forced on the strangers to move allows them to fully use the space and make it appear much larger than it is. Throughout this entire design, the interior board is very minimal, with the facile features (tunnels, bathroom, table, and chairs) having soft and comfortable materials and the timber floorboards create a warm and relaxing feeling and atmosphere for the guest- relating to a homely atmosphere.

Week 12

Design Workshop 9



Today in class I just worked on my drawings and finalising them, by adding details and shadows, as well as creating and editing my 100 word abstract.

Fina 100 Word Abstract

I designed a sleeping and waking space for two strangers, focusing on movement, sound, and seclusion. I put myself in as one of the two strangers because I know how I would react in this particular space and scenario. The two quilted tunnels are the sleeping spacing as well as a private space for the strangers. The strangers get to decide where they sleep in the tunnel depending on their lighting and sleeping choice. The isolation of these tunnels allow the strangers to retreat from the awkwardness and nervous situation of being faced with a stranger; allowing the individuals to become connected with their senses and trying to locate the strangers from their tunnel with sound and touch. The eating area and relaxing area is open allowing the strangers to communicate if desired.

Week 13




Today I created my design report where I was creating a documentation of my process, andhighlighting any outstanding moments or changing moments in my project.

Design Report

Layout for presentation:

Then when I got home I began to design the layout of the all my work that I have created, this was the final layout that selected.

Week 14





I designed a sleeping and waking space for two strangers, focusing on movement, sound, and seclusion. I put myself in as one of the two strangers because I know how I would react in this particular space and scenario. The two quilted tunnels are the sleeping spacing as well as a private space for the strangers. The strangers get to decide where they sleep in the tunnel depending on their lighting and sleeping choice. The isolation of these tunnels allow the strangers to retreat from the awkwardness and nervous situation of being faced with a stranger; allowing the individuals to become connected with their senses and trying to locate the strangers from their tunnel with sound and touch. The eating area and relaxing area is open allowing the strangers to communicate if desired.