Spatial Fabrication Studio- Project 2


Week 4

Design Workshop 1



Today in class we discussed to our new project “Site Mapping”, this project is carried on from my previous project, of my exploration of my threshold moments in correlation with the SLEEP/WAKE notions. I was introduced to the site/location of my presentation. Which is located in the AUT WB building on Wellesley St, and also thinking about the surrounding site of Albert Park in relation to the Art Gallery.

My first initial task was to highlight the prominent thresholds to me that were in the gallery, which was established through my experience of moving through the spaces (Art Gallery and Albert Park). To draw and take notes on how the surroundings made me feel.

While visiting the site and surrounding sites I chose to document the sites by taking photos and drawings, to reference and to rememeber any details or ideas in the environment.

First I travelled to Albert Park from the studio. I moved through the public and structures/buildings to become fully submerged in the trees and shrubbery. While walking between these two areas I noticed the way the new surroundings made me feel and act. I didn’t feel very safe or stable by how open the space was and by needing to keep to my personal space to stay out of others way. I was very exposed to the weather and shrubbery that was enclosing me.

The area that I was travelling through was created for people, transport and the changing climate. I was noted to this idea by all the pathways that were designed for these elements: the road for the cars, and the pathways and crossing for people.

I captured the top of the road whilst travelling to Albert Park.

Notes in the area:

  • Loud
  • Public
  • Busy
  • Fast

Once I entered Albert park had recognised a extremely different felling and vibe compared to the CBD area I was crossing through moments before.

The space had a very open and welcoming feeling towards it due to there being no visible covering/roof and large space to travel through. the park also has quite a private mood towards it due to it being submerged by large trees that encloses it from the public. With these trees, the public in the park wouldn’t even know that they are surrounded by the city beyond the trees.

The park has some very prominent features that stood out to me. There is a water fountain located in the center of the park and is located higher up than the entrance, which when looking at it makes it appear much larger than it actually is. The fountain is surrounded by sets and planes of grass for the public to rest and admire the structure. there are also pathways which lead towards and away from the structure.

There a lot of trees surrounding and shading the space, which allows there to be nosies from animals and bugs.

Notes in the area:

  • Sound of water
  • Birds chirping
  • Bees buzzing
  • Peoples conversations
  • Movement: pathway, wind
  • Bright
  • Natural colours

Then I travelled to the chosen site: ST PAUL Street Gallery Three on Wellesley St, I travelled back through the bridge and to the site. When moving I noticed the atmosphere slowly changing back to the public and uneasy space, with loud noises from cars, bus, construction, and people. These walkways/pathways make me want to follow where they lead to and there was no other way to travel. The pathway guides me towards the site.

Notes in the area:

  • Loud
  • Need to keep to myself, and space
  • Guided through the pathways
  • Sense of the pathway forcing me travel through the space.

Notes in the area:

  • Bright
  • Loud
  • Busy

Then once I enter the building I felt quite suffocated in the space with it being compressed and small, the air was cold and dark, with there not being a lot of chances for light entering the building. The building/space is a public area but is still private with their being a roof and walls, which makes me feel more secure than compared to outside. With there being a lack of light I felt quite tired and weary.

Notes in the area:

  • Compressed
  • Dark
  • Lonely
  • Stuck
  • Dim
  • Cold
  • Echo
  • Up close
  • Airy
  • Bored

Week 4




After the visit to the site and being introduced to Project 2 I did further research on sites background as well as digging deeper into my experience and thoughts in these sites. I choose to  pay more attention qualitative and quantitive aspects/thresholds from my Project one plus additional concepts that effected my experience in the site. 

From the explanation of the context and quantitive characteristics on MONDAY I chose to dig deeper and research into daylight, Degree of Publicness and Historical contexts.

Research on the ST Paul Street Gallery Three:

After I completed my research I learnt that the building ST Paul Street Gallery Three once was the Seddon Memorial Technical Collage, which was the largest memorial for Richard Seddon. The building began forming in 1906 and finished in 1911, and then was open in 1913. This building is still located in the same place in the AUT building.

Unknown.(1913).Seddon Memorial Technical Collage(Photograp). Retrieved from:
Unknown.(2009). The University Heritage Trail. (Photograph). Retrieved from:
Unknown.(1913).Seddon Memorial Technical Collage(Photograp). Retrieved from:

The building is always in use with it being open to the public as well as used for University classes. The building is comprised of Te Ara Poutama: The Maori Development, Student Services that AUT uses for Maori, Pacifica, International, and Disability Resource Office. So since this building has so many uses for the public I need to make sure that my entrance doesn’t disturb the public.

Sunset and sunrise

Just the front of the building will view the natural sunlight, so I am going to keep the original window in the front of the building to gain light.

The weather/climate in Auckland is oppressive with the temperature being quite warm and humid in the summertime, and the winter weather being quite wet, so I want there to windows for the public to be to have moving cold air.

I am very interested in the trees at Albert Park as well as the trees along Princess St, because I really like the movement between each site, and I think that the trees are found in and between every site. So to me its like the trees are guiding me on where to go next, if I were to look up.

Albert Park has the most beautiful collection grown trees in Auckland, the park holds over eighty different species of trees. The first trees in the area were planted along Princess St and at Albert Park- which shows a relationship to me between the two sites.

Week 4

Design Workshop 2



Today in class I was asked to bring in an A1 piece of paper to start mapping out and planning my site map. Then I was asked to split off in my table group and create a site map together using all our research and images from Mondays trip. 

The ideas we dediced to focus on:

  • Stasis-Movement
  • Lightness-Darkness

With these ideas this was the site map my group created 

My group and I tried to have the layout of all our research in a well organised manner by having the map of the site and surrounding spaces located in the center of the page, having the images placed near their location on the map, and then on the edge is the our further research with images of the old building. 

To depict Light and Dark my group showed it through the different shadows on the site and surrounding areas, which is controlled on where the individual is located, as well as the placing of the sun.

To portray movement my group decided to show it through the movement of people and the traffic (cars, buses, trucks) in the area, the movement of how the shape of the area had evolved, and the movement of frames- different images of zooming closer to the site.

I think with own personal site map I a going to depict movement and stasis slightly different to this map. I was very interested in the movement from Albert Park to the site ST Pauls Gallery Three, I noticed this movement between the sites through the trees and pathway. So when I make my map I am going to use these features to guide the viewer’s eyes through the page.

To tie in the idea of light and dark I will have the first images very light and vibrant and the map travels to the last image it will dark and dull to show falling asleep.

Week 4



Site Map

When I got home I started to create my A1 site map with all the research and information that I had collected that lesson and began planning some layouts and looking for inspiration. I also began coming up with ideas of what I wanted to show and portray in my Site map.

These were the ideas that I came up with and wanted to show through my work.

The initial ideas that I wanted to show from my experience of being in the site was movement, light and dark, and dream certainty.


  • Through the movement of light and dark
  • From loud to quiet
  • Big to small
  • Open to closed
  • Public to personal
  • Of the pathways leading from site to site

The idea of the pathway stood out most to me because the pathway reminded me of a set routine because it is always going the same way and never changes. In the center of the park, there were lots of pathways to take, which relates to there being different ways to complete the day. Pathway brings me to the idea transitioning between sleep and wake like it is a gateway that guides you to the destination. The pathways all lead to the bridge that connects the park to the city, so it’s like I will always end up at the bridge, I will always wake up or fall asleep.

The water fountain in the park has the idea of flowing water slowly fading away, which means that I am slowly falling into a deep sleep.

Pinterest inspiration:

These are possible layouts that I was looking at for help and inspiration. liked these works because they all showed movement very well, and all the work was flowing into each other.

Then I began to look at some Spatial designers and find one that I like the style of and that could possibly give me inspiration for site map while incorporating any of their techniques.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright is an American architect, interior designer, writer, and educator, that believed in designing structures in harmony with humanity and its environment: organic architecture. He believed that the organicness of the work could be found in the environment, individual and material.

With Wright’s work I really love the use of water colour paints and how soft he makes the colours. I am going to use water colours to create the images in my work and I am going to try to achieve this look because to me his work is almost like a dream state. Which would connect my work back to the final idea of sleep/wake. I also want my work to have a natural and organic flow throughout the page just like Wright’s work.

Peter Zumthor

Peter Zumthor is a Swiss architect who is apparent for his pure, austere structures, which portrayed as poetic and timeless, and is know as the “master of light and shadow”.

I really enjoy how messy and unfinished Zumthor’s work appears to me, with the use of watercolour and the visible pencil and pen marks on the page. I would love to try to make myself have visible sketch marks of the page as well as leaving some work unfinished. I also want to try and incorporate the use of negative space that he uses in his work because I think it would complement the use of watercolour that I am using.

Atelier Bow Wow

Atelier Bow Wow is a Tokyo based architecture firm, which is quite popular for is use of domestic and cultural achitecture.

I like how these works have elements of hand drawn work as well as images, which allows the images pop out of the page more and become more prominent. I don’t think I will use this in my work but I really enjoy this idea.

This is the first draft of my Site map, overall I wanted my site map to portray all my research and the experiences that I felt and saw when at the sites. So I tried to have the map of all the spaces very prominent in the work, so I made it the biggest feature because it ties all of these elements together.

I started off by depicting all of the structures that stood out most to me first, so I drew the water fountain which is in the center of the park with surrounding bushes and trees, I also showed the city buildings peaking from behind the trees which were very apparent to me in my visit. It shows that the beauty of the park is disrupted by enclosing city, this reminded me of that the beauty of pureness of sleep is always disrupted by light or noise, to wake up and start the day. Then I went on to show the bridge that links the to sites together and guides me on this journey to the sites. This feature was very important from my first site visit because I was drawn to the pathways/bridges along the street and in the park, due to them having a set pathway, yet I can choose anyone that I way to take. Which reminds me of a set routine that I have planned, and I can choose any pathway/chose I want to make that day. The pathways are also found and connect every site together, which really related to movement for, which is a main idea I want to look at in this work. The bridge then leads the eye to the outside of the building of St Paul Gallery Three, which is the end of the trip between the sites. I was trying to show this journey between the sites through movements of the images dripping a linking to each other, as well as the physical trip I took and documented.

I think that I want to add more images to this work, so I want to have the start of the bridge as the first image next to the water fountain, as well as ending the work with an image of the inside of the Gallery space, but I will have to wit till I go on that trip on Monday to access and document the space. I also have the idea of adding in physical little footprints to make the idea of movement between the sites through the pathways visible to the views looking at my work.

This is my new plan that I have created for my site that map that includes all my alterations that I mentioned above. I think that it isn’t as intense and as busy as before, which is what the tutor’s want.

Week 5

Design Workshop 3



Today for the first part of class I hung up my site plan on the wall, like the rest of the class. Then the rest of the class and I walked around and looked at each other’s works, for help and inspiration. I loved lots of works and this exercise really helped me a lot, because it reassured me that everyone was at the same place as me, and I was on track.

Then for the rest of the class I went into the space/room in the ST Paul Gallery. So when I went to the site I got into a small group with people and we worked together to help collect measurements of the building, to help create the scale 1:50, site plan and section plan. While also measuring in the site I documented the space by taking images and little drawings to help me remember, anything that stood out to me, for my site map. This trip was used to help me create the threshold entry that would be used in the space, so I was looking at ways the light and movement could be used in the room, as well as possibly relating it to ideas from my site map.

First my group and I started measuring the exterior of the building of the eastern side, and then the columns and windows, then measuring the gradient slop of the front of the building as well as the little footpath/bridge of the east side of the building. Then repeating this on the western and southern side of the building. Then we began measuring the interior of the building, so measured all the widths and lengths of the walls including the fake one, the doors that enter the room, and windows. Then we split apart to measure any certain features we wanted in our spaces, and then shared them with each other.

What I was mainly thinking about for my threshold was the idea of Movement and light vs dark-shadowing. While I was in this space I noted that the windows from the front of the room facing the road was the main source of natural light for this room, with the rest of the windows facing the outside were covered up by fake walls. So I began to consider what I would do about the fake walls when designing my threshold, to find the perfect lighting.

Week 5

Design Workshop 4



Today in class I was shown by the tutors on how to make a section plan and a site plan, and what they should look like. Which really helped because I have never done any drawings like this before and think I will struggle a little bit.

So first I drew the 1:50 scale site plan with the measurements that I gathered on Monday and just drew out the site with no alterations yet because I hadn’t decided my threshold yet. Then I began to investigate and explore the ideas of movement and light vs dark that I noticed and documented from Monday.

So began to think on how I wanted it to relate to my first project which was mainly looking at how I fell asleep, and how the effected my sleep and how my body reacted to that. So when I sleep I like to wrap and tangle myself up in my duvet to hide from the dark, because I am deathly afraid of it. So I began thinking about the shape that my duvet created and started off with that idea.

With the idea of lighting began investigating the light source in the site, and figuring out which windows would I like to have and which I wouldn’t. As well as altering any features or surrounding features in the site.

So then I began to imagine that I was creating this shell type cocoon shield for myself, when I was sleeping, which now reminded me of a shape of a tree as well as a tunnel. So I began scrunching up and my duvet and figuring what type of shape it made from the outside looking in to see what it looked like and what shapes it made. To have a clearer idea looked at some spatial designers that create similar shapes.

Pinterest board of threshold ideas:

Raumlabor Berlin

With Raumlabor Berlin’s work loved the sense of being guided or sucked up into the openings of the space, which is a similar feeling a want my threshold to have. With Berlin’s work, there is this internal movement within the space because the external of this threshold is just a cocoon, so this space creates this pathway and guides you to the opening.

  • Internal movement/fluidity
  • Pathway being followed
  • Spacious

Alice Aycock

Aycock’s are mainly based on tornados which give them this spiralling effect of a tunnel. I really am interested in how she makes her work appear soft of flimsy from far away like it is a completely different texture than it actually is. I want to adopt these features into my threshold of somehow wrapping or twisting to create this movement intervention and make the material appear soft or weak like my duvet.

  • Confinement
  • Interment
  • Personal
  • Tight
  • Movement forces you through

When I got home after class I began to explore these new ideas on my site map, figure out how they would effect the movement or lighting in the room.

Draft Site Plan

This is the draft of my Site Plan so far, I am planning to add a lot more detail and ideas in my plan, to make my idea clearer to the viewers. So this work shows how the shape of my duvet and tree branches have inspired some of the shapes and beginning threshold idea, and along the bottom I was exploring the windows and lighting, and what would happen if I were to remove the fake walls, and how it would effect my threshold. Because if I were to create this tunnel like shape I would want this resemble the idea of falling or drifting off into a deep sleep. With when having the start of the tunnel brightly light, then slowly fading into a dark area. It isn’t really visible in the photo but I have drawn yellow lines from every window to show where the light source is coming from.

I have decided that I want to have my entry on the side of the building because I want my entry to relate to my first project, on hoe I fall asleep. Since I am an insomniac I really struggle to fall asleep, so I decided that I was going to relate my entry to this way. Because when I was walking around the building on my visit I didn’t really notice the pathway that lead up to the side of the building. So placed my entry there because it is harder to find and access, just like me falling asleep.

So I didn’t start my Section Plan yet, because I want to figure out my threshold in my Site Plan first. I also need to do further research and measuring myself to have all the measurements for my Section Cut.

Week 5




The next day after my classes I decided to head back to the site space to gather some more measurements of the building interior and exterior that I had missed on the previous visit. This little trip also helped me come up with ideas for my threshold experience. So I measured the missing gaps in my site plan and more than I was interested in. As well as collect images to help document for reference when I create my threshold, as well as Section Plan+Site Plan.

Week 6

Design Workshop 5



Today in class I had to review our Site Plan and Section Plan to my group and discuss what I was exploring and how my possible threshold would fit and work in the space.

Some of the points I was given from my group:

  • They really liked the idea of how I had been inspired by my duvet and tree branches to create this shape of my threshold.
  • I was suggested on what windows I should keep or remove to really help show my idea of falling asleep while traveling through my threshold.
  • I was questioned on why I choose to have the entry on the side of the building and not in its original spot. Where I explained that since I am an insomniac I really struggle to fall asleep, so I decided that I was going to relate my entry to this way. I placed my entry on the side of the building because it is harder to find and access, just like me falling asleep.

Then after my group and I discussed our works with each other we then had to pick one project to present to other groups. My group and I choose to present Renee’s project. I think this exercise helps me gain confidence when speaking to others but isn’t as hard as the final presentation because it is too small groups.

Week 6



Threshold Finalisation

Today I finalised my threshold and completed my Site Plan and Section. I have decided to create a tunnel-like shape as my threshold and have my entry on the eastern front side of the building.

The threshold that I have created in this tunnel-shaped experience that will guide people from the foot pathway into the space, and they will enter the journey from this brightly lit area, and as they travel through the threshold it will slowly get darker. When they have finished the tunnel the people will be in this trance-like state of sleeping.

So my threshold starts off by connecting to the pathway which people will then be drawn off from the street in my tunnel. I decided that this tunnel will either have shapes cut out of it or a see-through fabric so that the light is visible through the tunnel. I have chosen to keep the windows on both sides on the East and West side of the room, but have chosen to remove the windows from the back of the room. This is because I want it to look like as people travel through the threshold it will slowly get darker and by the end of the tunnel, they will be surrounded by complete darkness. I have removed the fake wall because it was unnecessary door my site, and would be in the way of my threshold and defeat the purpose of falling asleep. I am really happy with my threshold because it relates to my first project as well as incorporating the idea movement with the shape as well as giving people need to move throughout the space, and with incorporating the use of light.

Week 6

Design Workshop 6



Today in class I began creating my model for the site space, as well as my threshold as well. So I brought in all my materials and began cutting out all the pieces for my site, with using the measurements I had collected and then using blue tack for the time being to make sure I get all the measurements right.


  • Super Glue
  • Paper
  • Foam Board

Once I finished measuring and cutting all the pieces needed and was happy with them, I began gluing them all together using super glue.

Then I began to create the windows that would allow my threshold to access light in the right places. Then began to decide on where exactly I would place my entry to my threshold. I decided to place it close to the front of the building so that when people entered the threshold, they would have a long experience in it.

Then I went out shopping to find a material that would best suit my threshold. So decided that I wanted a material that had a soft look to but felt strong. Because I wanted it to appear like my duvet in a way, but have the feeling of protection of the dark for me. I then decided that I would use metal mesh, because it was very bendy and easy to with, as well as having a soft delicate appearance to it.

Week 7

Design Workshop 7



Today in class I had an independent lesson where I was able to work on whatever I wanted to, so I began to think on how my space looked so far without the threshold, what I want to improve on it.

So I decided that the space felt and looked cold and not so much a private space, which is not what I wanted. So I began to wonder what makes a place have a sense of safety and home, which to me is the flooring. So choose to alter the flooring to the Gallery slightly. I choose to use a light brown coloured wood for the flooring, because to me this makes the room appear lighter and warmer physically, without any lighting, which gives it a more comfortable feeling.

So I began to measure and fit the wood on the floor until I covered all of it. I was very happy with the end result because it ending giving the room a safer and private feeling.

Week 7

Design Workshop 8



Today in class I had an independent lesson where I was able to work on whatever I wanted to, so I began to explore and play with the mesh material. Figure out what shape I exactly wanted in my site.

So I began twisting and curving bits of paper till I had a shape that reminded me of a tree branch and my duvet, But also had movement to the shape. Once I had achieved the shape I wanted in then to try a recreate it using the mesh, then once I was satisfied I place it in my model.

The threshold really created this feeling of movement in the interior as well as the exterior, which I was really pleased with.

Mid Semester Break

Over the break, I worked on my project by adding little details to my drawings or fixing my model in any way. I spent a lot of time and effort on my model because I had never done anything like this before and really struggled. But I am really happy with how it turned out in the end.

This is the progress that I am with my Section Plan, Site Plan, and Site Map, so I just did little details and things to make these works better to me.

This is the progress that I made on my model over the break. So I decided to add the foyer and the stairs to the main entrance into my model because I wanted to show how my threshold blends into the pathway and draws the walkers by into the building. I also decided to keep the ramp that was originally next to the east side of the building, because I think that it shows how much my threshold blends into the street. Which reminds me of sleep and wake blend and work with each other.

Atmospheric Images

Final Works

The main idea that I was trying to develop and investigate in my project was the thresholds/ ideas of movement and light and dark, which I have to tried to portray in all my works.

Site Map:

With my Site Map I was trying to convey the overall experience that I felt when going on my journey to Albert Park and St Paul Gallery three. Which was the movement of the pathways and trees, which really stood out to me, I noticed that both of these features would guide and lead me between the sites, whether I was looking up at the trees or down at the pathways. So I was really trying to highlight movement with the layout of my work, with having the map of the site and surrounding areas taking up half of the page, and then, starting off with the bridge which lead to the park, then to the bridge, then to the footpath connecting to the site, the outside of the Gallery, and then finally inside the space. I also used little red footprints to make my journey clearer.

I was also really interested in the water fountain that is located in the middle of the park as well because this feature made me think about sleep and wake in relation with it because the water that slowly falls out of the fountain and fades away. Which reminded me of slowly drifting off to sleep, which I thought was important to highlight.

This work relates to the idea of sleep and wake with the pathways having set place, which is like being a set routine that I carry out through the day. I realised that to get between these two sites you always have to cross if its the bridge or the road, you will always end up there. So it is similar to waking up and falling asleep I have no control of it but I was ending up do it. With this idea as well I also started off my works very busy at the start of the bridge than making it more calm and simple by ending with the empty room, just like my mind during the day compared to at night when I am sleeping.

I also choose to have the peaking view of the building/city in most of my little drawings, to show how this peaceful journey or place is disrupted by the city around us. Just like sleep being disturbed by light peaking through the curtains.

Overall I think this work displays the idea of fluid movement and light/dark in this work.

Site Plan:

For my Site Map I was trying to depict how I was exploring movement and light from my visit from the site, as well as investigating in the structure of the building for my possible entry for my threshold. 

I used this plan to portray the exploring and think of my design process and ideas for my threshold moment. As well as investigating the effects that the building (light) would have an effect on my threshold. I tried to show this through my drawings and watercolor painting of my ideas in relation to the site, environments and ideas.

So I wanted my threshold to relate to my project it one and to my fascination with the trees in Albert Park, so I created the shape similar to my duvet and a tree branch, which I achieved and am happy with. For the lighting of my model, I wanted to let the natural light shine in through the threshold, and get dark the further you traveled through it. So I removed the windows along the back of the room, to block off any possible light, and added an extra window on the front west side of the room  to gain more light.  In my site plan was trying to show how I was looking into the shadowing of the building with light and dark, to highlight and bounce off possible my threshold.

Section Plan:

For my Section Plan I decided  to draw the interior section views of the sites room as well as the whole building. With this I wanted to show how the idea of light/dark and movement is present in the space as well as in my threshold. I tried to portray the rays of light that travel through the window into the building and impact my threshold, by lighting up the tunnel. How the lack of lighting effects the room to appear as dark and quiet like a person resembling sleep. 

I also showed how the tunnel conveys movement throughout the space, and how it resembles sleep by slowly fading away.Which you can see in my section cut, with the lighting.

It shows that the tunnel like shape slowly fades away like falling asleep.


For my model, I created a depiction of the site with the measurements that I gathered myself. I had altered the room to best my threshold, so I removed the windows from the end/south side wall to block off all light from the back of the tunnel like threshold, I also added a window to the front west wall to create more light at the start of the tunnel.

I created a tunnel-like shape for my threshold on the front of the eastern wall of the site. My threshold represents ideas of movement and light in the interior and exterior, and the journey between the ST Paul Gallery Three as well as the journey of falling asleep. The tunnel was inspired by the shape of my duvet that becomes tangled and twisted during the night, as well as the shape and movement of the pathways and trees between the sites. When people are walking up Wellesley St they are sucked into my threshold that is dripping on to the pathway and guided through the brightly lit entrance to the dark empty space. Which represents the idea of slowly falling asleep or waking up.

I used light wooden flooring in my model to create a lighter and warmer atmosphere for the space. I chose a mesh material for my threshold entry due to its thinness and the number of gaps it has. This relates to e being a really light sleeper and the peaks of light that show through the gaps in the material is like the light shining through the curtain, waking me up.

Week 8

Design Workshop 9



100 Word Abstract

The main idea that I was trying to develop and investigate in my project was the thresholds/ ideas of movement and light/dark, which I have to tried to portray in all my works. I brought light to these ideas through the pathway and trees in the Albert Park and ST Paul Gallery Three sites, because these to me features connected the sites together, physically and through the idea of wake and sleep. I used the idea of light in the site and the idea of movement between the sites to create my threshold entry. The thresholds holds the shape and movement of the trees and pathways, with the use of light in the site, the threshold develops from being light to fading to dark, just like drifting off to sleep.